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Denis Concept by average-wierdo Denis Concept :iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 1 0 Denis Concept by average-wierdo Denis Concept :iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 0 0 my dreams by average-wierdo my dreams :iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 0 0
i love
i love my favourite songs
i love playing guitar
i love riddles
i love my family and friends
i love everything but you
i don`t love you, ii need you
i need your breath i need you face
i need your heart beat as we lie together
i need your hand as you lace yours in mine
i need your love, a love that never ceases to amaze me
:iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 3 3
i don`t believe
im a cynical person, i don`t believe in love at first sight, i don`t believe in first love lasting, but as soon as i laid eyes on you i knew that i was willing to try. you are love at first sight, lasting love, everything i thought didn`t exist
:iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 2 1
A Time of Pride by average-wierdo A Time of Pride :iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 0 0
two phychopaths
i sit there every night to pick up girls, not to have sex with them but to murder them,
you came over to me and started a conversation, to easy
i took you to my hotel, wishing that i didn`t have to kill you
i actually liked you, almost enough to stop me
i pulled my knife out, most scream, beg, cry something
not you, you just stood there, and a grin appeared on your face
then you dropped something i didn`t notice, a knife honed to a razor edge
i realize you had planned to kill me, like the animal i am
i threw my knife to the side and did something i had never done before... done without thinking
i strode foreword quickly and wrapped my arms around you and kissed you
two psychopaths, happy as if nothing ever happend
:iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 2 1
just a dream
why is it so scary, when its just a dream
why can`t i move, why cant i call for help
i try to wake up, i try to move
i try to kick, i try to scream
i wake up in a screaming fright
your there trying to comfort me
then your face changes, from beautiful girl to frightful demon
you tear my heart out and swallow it whole
i wake up, this time for real
your asleep looking so peaceful
i kiss you on the cheek and try to sleep
why is it so scary, when it`s just a dream
:iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 2 1
we sleep. sound asleep. you rustle and then im awake, mindful for any little twitch. there it is .
your face twists and your body flutters. then you sit bolt upright shivering from your dreams
i try to pull you close, but you pull away. i turn you towards me and hug you as firmly as i can without hurting you. you cry and i cry with you. i rock you back and forth whispering calming words in you ear. as soon as i hear your heartbeat slow i lay you down and hold you close until i hear the even breath escape your lungs. we sleep. sound asleep.
:iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 4 0
Cross My heart want to die by average-wierdo Cross My heart want to die :iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 1 0
what i think
all this talk about creepy pastas and one direction and sports really puts thing in perspective. the only thing that matters is not me. no one notices me but Jeff the killer has millions of people wishing they could meet him. and that's just the fan girls, and he dosen`t even is unfair and cruel but still it`s life and i have to deal with it but still just some one even knowing i exist without saying i`m disgusting or fucking gay that would make all the dfference.
:iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 2 0
forgive me
never really had a childhood, never really happy. my parents fought when i was 4 split when i was 5 and my dad cut my mom when i was 6. early on  i was desensitized to death in an incident that i will not share, and i started hearing voices around 7. the only time i ever felt happy, like truly happy was when i was with Jess. forgive em father for i have SINNED.
:iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 1 1
the cliff
some would call this a nightmare, but others a fantasy.
i could smell the fresh ocean air, feel the misty spray of the waves on my face. this height the wind was brutal, but blissful. there was blood on my hands... or was that the sunset? it was quiet for most. for most. for me the voices were louder than ever.
“do it..”
“Don’t do it”
i couldn’t take it anymore so i jumped of the cliff. i felt weightless and happy. i could taste blood but i wasn’t sure if it was mine. i felt so happy, first time in a long time. then i hit the rocks and it was all over.
i woke up screaming, not because it was scary but because i knew it was a dream and i would never work up the courage to do it for real
:iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 1 0
someone i know
she sits there her eyes glazed lost in her own world. not sure if that's a good thing i try and cheer her up but it doesn't work. she scratches her self with a push pin but i suspect she would do worse if we were not in school. no one notices. no one cares except me. i wish i could help her, but i don't know how. the only thing i know anymore is the voices. mine and hers.
:iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 2 1
Mature content
Last Night :iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 0 0
Mature content
Every Night :iconaverage-wierdo:average-wierdo 1 0



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just trying to reach out to someone who knows what i`m going thruogh


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